They've got the drive. You could get the gear.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the game of golf, each partner is breaking tradition to make their own mark. Find out what drives their passion in the Skratch x New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin “Elevate The Game” content series below, then enter for a chance to win the limited edition collab items.

Trap Golf

Trap Golf is a brand for golfers and non-golfers alike. It's a brand that unifies people from all walks of life by bringing a sophisticated urban vibe and quality design and art to the game of golf and beyond. We promote hustling for what you're passionate about. For us, we're passionate about people, golf and art. Our brand is two years old and we are growing and getting better everyday.


“What inspires me is golf, art and hip-hop. Really music in general – I grew up with both my parents being professional musicians. Trap Golf exists to bring these together to show people that having a hustler’s mentality for what drives you as an individual can also be applied to your golfing experience. Trap Golf looks to be a catalyst - a force that non-golfers and young people will identify with so that it leaves them with a better chance to look at the great game of golf and the game’s potential to give them a life beyond the street. At the end of the day, we want to be the People's Brand and show people that golf can be just as dope as any other sport.”

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Good Boy Originals

Starting Good Boy Originals as a passion project and turning it into a top print shop, AJ Voelpel gives vintage golf relics a new life by transforming them into unique and memorable art.


“From day one, I’ve always made sure to surround myself with people who could bring out the best in me and who I could learn from. I started to equate success with the number of opportunities I created for myself and those around me. Doing things that no one else has done before was and still is the main inspiration that drives that success.”


Metalwood Studio

Metalwood Studio is an ode to golf in the '90s and early 2000s. Visiting their shop is like entering a nostalgic wormhole with collections of vintage clothing and accessories, golf equipment and new merch that takes a classic '90s spin.


“I played golf (not soccer, not football, not basketball) as a kid to be different. I dressed different. I just didn't want to be regular. So, when I see this renaissance period in golf (we'll call it “modern day, woke golf”) that we're all experiencing, where everyone kinda acts and looks the same, the need to be different drives me.”


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